Dobermann fjes på mørk bakgrunn


Best friend


Welcome to Dark ISENGARD.

We are located in Lillestrøm, just outside Oslo. Here we live 2 adults and 2 children with our dogs. Our dream of starting a kennel started for many years ago - but in 2021 it became a reality. Our first Dobermann arrived in 2014 - after many years with the German Shepherd and Border Collie. We are very active in our local dog club in obedience, but we are also very interested in dog shows both in Norway and Europe. It's a lot of fun and very social.

Dobermann is a fascinating breed, which you will love very much. It is a super family dog ​​and with it's intellect and physique - you always have a good friend by your side on walks in the woods, in the fields and in most level of dog sports . We are concerned with breeding good work- and family dogs, which are typical of the breed and bred according to healthy parents. We have focus that the dogs must come from recognized lines that can point to the best of genes in exhibition - and work from both Europe and Russia.

We have completed Norwegian Kennel Club breeding school and follow the Norwegian Kennel Club  standard of breeding. We are also members of the Norwegian Kennel Club, Norwegian Dobermann Club and Norwegian Pincher Club.

We want our puppy buyers to succeed as dog owners. We collaborate with Hundetrening K9 Oslo and all our puppies will at 7 weeks of age complete a PAT puppy test. This will be able to give breeders and puppy buyers better conditions in both the selection and development of their dog for different purposes. We will also arrange our own litter weekends with training for Dog Training K9 Oslo-  Reinforcement, play development and obedience. In addition, we will arrange exhibition training with Simon Tien Hansen(Kennel Bazinga)for those who are interested. We mainly sell our puppies to active people who want to use their dog in dog sports.

Line Amundsen


Bjørn Erik Lilleås


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Our dogs


Anima Vero Fermina

Flag Ukraine
Champion of Moldova
Champion of Besarabie
Grand Champion of Moldova


F: 7 desember 2019

Mor: Anima Vero Aya

Far: Quarz De’Andreoli

Anima Vero Fermina


Barymar ISIDA

Danish Winner puppy 2021

Nordic Winner puppy 2021

NDK Grand Prix Winner Junior 2022

ROSKILDE Junior Winner 2022

Norwegian junior Winner 2022

Danish junior champion 

Eier: Darkisengard

F: 28 mai 2021

Mor: Pride of Russia Barvikha 

Far: Tahi- Reme Zed

zinio di altobello


Zino di Altobello

Flag Serbia
Champion of Montenegro


F: 29 januar 2020

Mor: Weronica di Altobello

Far: Hazard di Altobello 


BeMyQueen Von Magatano

NDK Grand Prix Winner Puppy 2022

NDK Jubileums Winner puppy 2022

NDK Jubilee Winner puppy 2022


F: 17 januar 2022

Mor: Alma von Stuttguardia 

Far: Yanick dell Colle Della Guardia


Male presentation:

Multi. Champion Kairos de Grande Vinko

(Oksamit dGV- Alastronia dGV)

9 years old and have passed all the health test. Both DCM 1 /2 clear. Eyes clear, EMBARK mm

Read more about this fantastic male

A- litter Min.Pin

Male presentation

Tangetoppen's Jedi Luke Skywalker

(Norwinstars Jedi Anakin Skywalker💞

Daysi Girgzdantis Soulas

Our passion is your guarantee

Family-loving puppies

Our puppies are part of our family from day one, so you get a puppy that is used to children, adults, other dogs and the sound of the vacuum cleaner…

Social dogs

We spend a lot of time teaching the puppies socializing.

New to dog?

The Dobermann is basically not a first-time dog. But with the help of PAT test (Puppy attitude test) and close follow-up with the right training, you can succeed with a Doberman as your first dog.